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Summer Vacations in the Old Days

In the old days, before Goa became an epicentre of tourism activities, the green paradise was cocooned off from the rest of the world. Life was simple, idyllic and an epitome of ‘sossegado’.  As the seasons changed, the cultural landscape moved along  to reflect the colour and vigour of that p..

Summer Foods

Try Out These Summer Foods It’s a riot of colour across Goa in the summer months of April and May. Hues of reds and bright yellows bloom on the trees. The markets are filled with the fresh goodness of a variety of fruits and there’s some special seasonal cookin..

Picnic Spots

Get out those picnic baskets, stock them up with eats and drinks and head out to enjoy the sunny days outdoors. In Goa, summer picnics were a favourite family activity. People usually  took off to the beach or the springs to cool off from the warm weather.  ..