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Mayem Lake

Mayem lake is nestled in the Bicholim taluka of Goa. It’s remote location away from the rush of city life makes it a getaway of solace and comfort. Surrounded by sleepy villages, woody hills, the lake is surrounded by verdant greens. Mayem lake is home to many avian species that can be easily spotted outside.

The Mayem Residency  borders the lake and offers the best views of the area. As you spend your time relaxing in this setting, enjoying nature, there’s plenty to discover in the area. 

Adventure Begins

For those who have always wanted to take the plunge, GTDC offers exciting bungee jumping experiences at Mayem lake. Most adventure enthusiasts will be thrilled to get a chance to jump straight into the sparkling waters below. Available at affordable rates, are you ready to make the jump?

Nature Treks

Nature is at it’s best in Goa’s hinterland. Life is still slow and rural in these parts. The closest biodiversity hotpots are Chorla Ghat (57 minutes away) and Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary (48 kms) where you can spend an entire day with the family. Apart from the treks, in the monsoons these areas come alive to the gushing sounds of countless waterfalls and springs. Take a guide with you because it’s easy to lose your way.  


The closest historical places are a few kilometres away, close to the main town. The well-known Saptakoteshwar temple is less than 5 kms away in Naroa. It’s easy to reach by car. This 12th century temple was originally located on Divar island and later moved here during the Portuguese.  Other natural heritage sites are the Aravalem caves and springs where one can go for a refreshing dip. If you still want to venture further away, an hour away is the beautiful stone carved temple of Tambdi Surla.