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MPT Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions for operation of pre-paid Taxi Services for handling guests Embarking/Disembarking from ships visiting Mormugoa port trust

  • The registered tourist taxi owner shall ensure that the tourist taxi is available for each and every visiting sea vessel, at the Mormugao Port Trust. Failure to report for a docking/berthing would be considered as a breach of this agreement.
  • All tourist taxi bookings shall be based on the concept of Pre-paid tourist taxi service. Consequently, the tourist taxi operator shall not demand any money from the guest/s, except in cases where the time and/or mileage exceeds the time and/or mileage initially paid for.
  • The tourist taxi owner shall ensure that the queue system is followed/adhered to at MPT. All bookings will be done on the basis of the queue system, i.e. on first-registered-first-booking basis. The tourist taxi owner shall handle the passengers embarking/disembarking from ships and/or, visiting the Mormugao Port Trust, with courtesy and in a disciplined and hassle-free manner. Any inconvenience caused to the guest and brought to the knowledge of Goa Tourism Development Corporation, or to the officials of Goa Tourism in general, in written or oral communication, including grievances shared against the tourist taxi vehicle at MPT, on any social media channels, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., shall be liable for immediate disqualification from future operations.
  • The owner should have appropriate qualification and English language communication skills, to avoid inconvenience to the foreign guests.
  • The Tourist Taxi driver shall clearly convey the starting mileage to the guest before the vehicle leaves the demarcated Mormugao Port Trust area. Similarly, the driver shall share the journey ending-mileage prior to the guests leaving the vehicle at the destination/port. Failure to do either or both the above shall result in disqualification of the vehicle/owner from future operations.
  • The tourist taxi owner shall ensure that the fare sheet provided by Goa Tourism Development Corporation is prominently displayed in the vehicle and shared with the guests, when requested.
  • The taxi fares shall be at the government (Directorate of Transport, Government of Goa) notified rates only, which shall be displayed prominently.
  • Any change in the fares as approved by the appropriate authority shall be promptly intimated to Goa Tourism Development Corporation
  • The tourist taxi owner agrees to use the taxi booking and payment settlement technology made available by Goa Tourism Development Corporation
  • The owner of the tourist taxi shall ensure that at all times, the drivers shall be well-groomed, wear neat white uniform (mandatory), are well-behaved, with pleasant disposition and with sound knowledge of the local tourist destinations and attractions. Driver’s without the proper uniform shall not be allotted a booking. Repeated failure – three instances – by the owner/driver not to adhere to the uniform policy shall result in permanent disqualification from operation of the vehicle and the owner/driver, if any, from future operations.
  • A printed numbered receipt would be issued in duplicate (guest copy and driver’s copy) for each trip giving details such as the destination, vehicle number, driver’s name, fare, etc.
  • The tourist taxi owner/driver shall be courteous, with the guest/s at all times. Any complaints of misbehavior, harassment, over-charging or any unlawful act, shall result in disqualification of the vehicle and the taxi driver from operating any services from the port, Goa Tourism Development Corporation, may also impose a penalty to recover any and all legal costs that may be associated with the offence of each such incident from the owner.
  • All settlements by Goa Tourism Development Corporation, shall be made within 2 working days from the operation of the taxi service. The total amount payable to the tourist taxi owner shall be made via NEFT or via cheque within this period, after adjustment of dues/fine/penalty, if any. The bank details of the tourist taxi owner should be complete and correct to facilitate prompt transfer.
  • A “feed-back” form provided by Goa Tourism Development Corporation, should be provided to the guest prior to leaving the tourist taxi. The duly completed form shall be handed-over to the pre-paid taxi counter.
  • The tourist taxi drivers shall not indulge in any form of canvassing or solicit favors with the guest or hassle the guest in any manner. If any owner/driver is found doing or behaving in an unbecoming manner, the vehicle and the owner/driver shall be disqualified from future operations at the port.
  • The taxis shall be parked in an orderly manner in the designated parking area only. The owner/driver would be expected to be available at their respective taxi’s to welcome the guest.
  • All taxis shall be liable to carry the RFID access card issued by the Port Authorities and remit the amount payable towards the same.
  • The vehicles would be slotted into the booking system in sequence (e.g. 1 to 200). The booking shall similarly be done in the same sequence progressively and that each taxi in the system gets a trip as per the sequence. The opportunity shall be provided to every registered tourist taxi in the state of Goa, more particularly, to the tourist taxis operated by locals in and around the port area.
  • Permission is being sought from MPT to permit entry of 10 taxi’s into the operational area, at a time. These 10 taxi’s would be in the sequence of the booking system and leave the operational area with the guest/s to the destination. Due to the strict security measures in place at MPT, it is important for the tourist taxi owners/drivers to follow the sequence. At no point of time, should more than 10 tourist taxi’s be present in the berth/operational area. Any tourist taxi found violating this order would be disqualified from future operations.
  • Goa Tourism Development Corporation, or officers acting on their behalf shall issue directions from time to time for the ease and convenience of operations and of the guests. The tourist taxi owner shall ensure that these directions are followed in letter and spirit.
  • Any violation of the above terms and conditions or any order/direction issued by Goa Tourism Development Corporation, and/or the Traffic Manger or any officer of the Traffic Department of the MPT or any officer acting on behalf any of these entities, shall result in immediate disqualification of the taxi and the owner/driver from future operations.