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Summer Vacations in the Old Days

In the old days, before Goa became an epicentre of tourism activities, the green paradise was cocooned off from the rest of the world. Life was simple, idyllic and an epitome of ‘sossegado’.  As the seasons changed, the cultural landscape moved along  to reflect the colour and vigour of that particular time.Summers were spent outdoors. Goa’s tropical climate meant picnics at springs and beach trips with the family. 
Unlike the well-connected local transport these days, buses were scare. Caminhoes still made their way around towns. Going to the beach was tricky as people  had to plan their  outings based on the timings of the caminhoes. Time was spent playing games, building sand castles and even jamming up to some old tunes. If you wanted to go further to Calangute, families would book guests houses and carry all the essentials with them. 
In the villages, kids indulged in rushing off to the fields and hills,  plucking raw fruits hanging from the trees. Antoneita Fernandes, well in her 80s, hasn’t forgotten those summer holidays growing up. In the summer, she was off to pluck cashews in the hills. These would be cleaned, roasted and packed off  to her sister in Zimbabwe.Kids would play popular games like biyanni with cashewnuts.  Those were indeed idyllic times.