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Weather Of Goa

Goa state is situated along the west coast of India touching the Arabian Sea. Goa is well known for tourism, fisheries and iron ore mining industries. It has partly hilly terrain with Western Ghats in the east. The climate of Goa is overall pleasant throughout the year.

The period of June to September is South West Monsoon Season. This is most rainy season for Goa state. Whole infrastructure of state like agriculture, drinking water and electricity etc. depends upon the monsoon season. Goa experiences an average rainfall of about 330 centimeters annually and about 90% of annual rainfall occurs during this season only. However rainfall is more in the areas which are nearer to the Western Ghats in east parts of Goa. The state receives abundant of precipitation during these monsoon months. July is the wettest month of the year with more than 995 mm of rainfall. The average high stands around 30°C while the low falls to mid-teens. During this time the city receives a reduced level of sunshine as July gets not more than three hours of sunshine per day.

Many Goans feel that the monsoon is when the state is at its very best. Parties and celebrations are held to welcome the rains, and the countryside turns lush and green almost overnight.

The period from October to March is very pleasant for tourists with normally clear skies. During this period the sea condition remains normal. This period is the most popular, especially the peak season in December and through New Year, when the destination is packed. Temperatures range from 20°C to 32°C. January with more than 320 hours of sunshine remains the sunniest month of the year. During this period, the weather is glorious, the atmosphere is suitably festive, the tinsel is liberally festooned and fireworks grace the evening sky.

The period of April & May comes under hot season (summer season) with some increase in humidity. During this period day temperature sometimes reaches around 36°C. However tourists can enjoy their days over nice beaches. Normally after 3 PM sea breeze (cool wind) starts from sea to land, which cools the atmosphere and makes tourist’s experience pleasant.

Goa enjoys a tropical monsoon climate under the Koppen climate classification that features a pleasant weather for most of the year with two distinct seasons, the dry season and the monsoon season.