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Kesarval Falls

The beautiful Kesarval falls have a lot more going for them than the magnificence and awe of just another waterfall. These falls, sometimes also known as Kesarval Springs are renowned for their medicinal properties. The waters are purported to heal ailments of the body and to have rejuvenating properties.

The minerals in the water come from the hard rock face that it pounds through. The springs are accounted to be a great natural spa.

Where to Go
The Kesarval Spring is located near the village of Cortalim just off the Verna plateau. On the Southern banks of the Zuari, this medicinal water fall is 22km away from the capital city of Panaji.

When to Go
The waterfall is at its zenith during the monsoon season when the abundant rains fill it to its gushing peak and it overflows into the lake below. This is not always the best time to take a dip however, as it can be dangerous and slippery. However the Kesarval falls are a popular tourist attraction from the month of July till March, when the onset of summer slows the water down to a mere trickle.

History and Lore
The word Kesarval comes from the Indian word for eagles. The place was so named for the eagles that used to make their nests in the cliff face near the waterfall. There are many medicinal properties attached to the waters of this spring. Young and old alike come to bathe here to wash away their ailments and rejuvenate themselves. The origins of these properties are not known however the algae found in the water are known to have some beneficial properties.

The Kesarval falls have been declared an important tourist attraction by the government of Goa, and facilities have been provided to attract more people to these reputedly healing waters. These include improving the access routes to the falls and setting up places where people can buy food, water, medicines, exchange money etc.

Other Attractions
In addition to being a place of beauty and serenity this spring is also close to other historical attractions and a visit to the falls can be combined with a trip to these tourist spots.

On the Northern side of the Zuari is the village of Talaulim which is the home of the famous Santana (also known as Sant Ana or St. Anne) Church. This is where the unique and curious Touxeachem festival is held every year.

The Mormugao fort and harbour are just 16km west of here, about 26minutes by road. This fort is known for its spectacular views of the harbour. The Rachol Fort and Seminary are also not far off, lying just 16km south of the Kesarval springs. Although little remains of the fort the area is famous for its wondrous scenic beauty, and makes a great spot for a picnic.

Also in the area is the Park Hyatt hotel where the Helicopter Joy Rides recently started by Pawan Hans have their starting point. A spectacular way to cap off the day; these joy rides take you over the vistas of the beautiful beaches of South Goa.

The Goa airport at Dabolim is also close to the area of the springs.

Whether for rejuvenation of the mind or the body, the Kesarval Spring is a great place to visit. Watching the gurgling water dance down the cliff face is a soothing and awe-inspiring sight. Bathing in the mineral-infused waters, is a great way to cool off, as well as absorb some of the medicinal properties of the water. What a fantastic way to pamper yourself with all natural spa day.