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Shri Vitthal Mandir

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Situated at Vithalwadi, Sanquelim. Shri Vitthal is the ancestral God of ‘Ranes’ who had put up prolonged memorable resistance to Portuguese rule.The main festival is Chaitri (April). Its celebration is a lavish affair for the people miles around The ancestors of the present Rane family, who are believed to have migrated to Goa from Udaipur about 600 years ago, built the famous Sri Vitthal temple situated on the bank of Valvanta River.The temple was reconstructed in 1942 AD, incorporating the North India style of temple architecture though sanctum-sanctorum was left untouched. The main festivities at the temple are held during the nine days preceding¬†“Chairtra Purnima”.An exquisitely carved wooden chariot symbolizing the chariot of Arjuna of Mahabharata and driven by Lord Krishna is an important attraction of the temple complex.