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Visit Asia’s Oldest Medical College

Did you know that Panaji was an important seat of medicine in Asia in the 18th century? The European styled jewel city in the crown of colonial Goa was ahead of it’s time. The first “Escola Medico Cirurgica da Goa” was established in 1842 and was heralded as the oldest in Asia now known as Marquinez Palace.The need for a hospital in the old capital city in Old Goa grew with the increase in the outbreak of disease. On request, the Portuguese Government sent two masters to not only cure, but teach the locals medicine. In 1759 the Government took over the hospital at Panelim and 1801 a new course was introduced. The shift from Ribandar to Marquinez Palace happened in 1842. This palace was built by two brothers, Diago da Costa de Ataide e Tieve and Cristovam da Cost de Ataide e Tieve, known by the name of Maquinezes. On December 1 the college was officially inaugurated with medical and pharmacy courses.

In 1927 internship was offered students and in 1946 it was granted autonomy. Post Liberation, the college was named Goa Medical College and moved to Bambolim. Earlier it was under the aegis of the Mumbai university, it moved to Goa University in 1986. In recent years the old complex in Panaji was refurbished to host the first IFFI in Goa.