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Markets of North Goa

Shopping at Goa’s Famed Markets 

Goa has a long tradition of weekly bazaars. These provide the basic essentials, local produce and a few knick-knacks. Some of these markets of Goa have grown in popularity with visitors making a beeline to visit. If you’re the street shopping fashionista and know how to haggle your way, you’re bound to find a great deal.

Pro Tip: Bargain on non-essential items, watch your bags and check purchases for damage once before you leave.

  • Anjuna Flea Market


    Who hasn’t heard of the famous flea market in Anjuna? What started out as a hippie haven to sell of their belongings before returning abroad has now become a major market where you can pick up anything from garments to interiors. The market stretches along the beach and has countless stalls and restaurants where you can indulge in a good lunch. The market opens at around 10 am and goes on till about 4pm, so plan accordingly. Anjuna has loads to explore around so you can hop to your next destination.

  • Mapusa Market


    The Friday market was a local haunt to pick up their weekly groceries and stalk up on ingredients that you wouldn’t generally find in the local bazaar. Today this burgeoning market with its little stalls all stacked together, accommodates a huge turn-out of vendors and visitors alike. Here you can find fruits and local varieties of veggies, home-made juices, jams, confectionaries, garments to   jewellery, bags etc. All this for a good bargain.

  • Arambol Flea Market


    Perhaps the only market to retain it’s hippie vibe till date is the relatively new Arambol Flea market. As the sun sets, vendors line up on the beach, they display their handiwork on mats in front of you. So you can sit on the comfy sands and indulge in a shopping spree. Its fun to sit around watch the sunset or listen to the musicians jamming on the beach. Once the party winds down you can sit and enjoy a relaxing dinner by the beach.

  • Night Markets


    Location: Baga, Arpora

    Today there are three night markets in North Goa. Mackies Saturday Night Bazaar along the Baga creek is a chilled out zone with some spectacular acts. Arpora has two night markets now and both have their own share of entertainment and shopping experiences. What’s not to be missed is the wide array of international cuisines. You can pick from Lebanese, Asian, French cuisines depending on your taste.

Disclaimer: The above places may not be operational due to pandemic.