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Feasts & Festivals in South Goa

Goa has a reason to celebrate throughout the year. Every month calls for celebrations that are unique and immersed in tradition. What is noteworthy is the variety that you find as you move from North to South. South Goa, though quieter than the rest of the State commemorates these festivities with it’s own set of traditions and customs. 

  • Feast of Three Kings

    6 January

    The feast of Epiphany is commemorated on 6 January in the village of Cansaulim. Located in the Southern Salcette taluka, it is about 16kms from Margao, the commercial capital. The beautiful hill side chapel is the centre of the festivities as three young boys dressed to resembled the magi in the Bible are paraded down the hill on horseback in procession. This feast closes the Christmas

  • Feast of Holy Spirit


    The Feast of Holy Spirit is the central commemoration at the Holy Spirit Church in Margao. It falls at the end of May. The nine-day novenas culminate with the grand feast mass. Post the high mass celebrations there is a procession around the Church yard.

    Another important facet connected to the Holy Spirit feast is the Purumetachem’ fair. As May approaches, locals prepare for the oncoming monsoons by stocking up on dry fish like prawns, mackerels, dried chilies and more. All these essential items are available at the fair. These days you can also find everything from furniture, clothing, metal ware, utensils etc. 

  • Gulal


    Further South in Quepem taluka, the temple of Zambaulim is auspicious for many occasions. One such event is the annual Gulal on the occasion of Holi. This special festival is an experience in itself. Connected to Shigmo, this age old tradition, sees hundreds attend the week long celebrations at the temple. While the important days are Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, Tuesday is well-attended by businessmen from the South. A palki carrying the idol of Lord Damodar is taken out in the evening and gulal is thrown on the idol.