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Exploring Rivona

Exploring Rivona’s Ancient Heritage

A drive to Goa’s hinterland is always a pleasing trip. Far away from the city; you are led through busy streets, tiny hamlets, lush landscapes to enjoy a Goa only locals know. Sanguem is home to some of the State’s ancient traditions and oldest heritage structures.

Rivona a tiny hamlet on your sojourn is one such village. It is about 21 kms from the commercial capital in Margao and the closest airport is Dabolim. It is accessible by road and the drive is peaceful. It is advisable to hire a cab or a bike. Local busses do frequent the route, but getting to the spots in the interiors may be tough. 

Little is known about this village, however there are sites in that area that are a must visit on your way. Rivona is known for it’s springs and ancient caves. The Ancient caves are a series of hollow, underground rooms that date back to the Buddhist times. 

The exact origins are still unknown. These little cavities are interesting to access and one can observe how our ancestors lived. Covered in moss, the small entry leads you to the underground passage way containing adjoining rooms. Watch your head as visibility is dark inside and you might hit your head on the low ceiling. 

Rivona has one of the commonly known springs. A stone throw away from the cave, these are best visited in the monsoons. The area is covered by tall trees so it keeps the area nice and cool. The refreshing surroundings and chilly waters rejuvenates your tired spirit after a long journey. 

If you want to drive around in search of more interesting sights the rock art at Pansaimol is about 6 kms away. You can witness the marvel of the encrypted messages left by our ancestors who used the natural rocks as their canvas. Also, the famous Zambaulim temple is another important site in Quepem in the neighbouring town, about 4 kms away. The majestic Palacio de Deao is a few kilometres away is another haven for the history buffs.

Tip: Plan your trip in advance so that you can cover as much as possible.