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Shopper’s Delight

Goa’s international fame has travelled well across time and boundaries. A holiday in Goa holds many priceless memories and you can take back a piece of your time here with a little keepsake. Looking for something special? 


Goan artefacts  and handicrafts are known for their fine craftsmanship and are prized keepsakes. The government run Aparanta stores across Goa  store a wide collection of traditional items that one can  buy as  gifts. Goa is known for its pottery items, bamboo products and brass and metal artefacts. Older crafts like the colourful chitari products make for a vibrant collection in your home. Handicrafts ranging from home decor to garments and  fashion accessories are ready  for the taking. 


Antique buffs will find Goa an exciting repository of collectables with specialised outlets offering a variety of ancient yet ageless pieces .  Though the price vary,  you can bargain for a  reasonable  rate.

Food and Drink

If you want to try out your own Goan recipe, you can easily pick up  local masalas and spices. The must-have packet of cashews is a staple gift. Along with Goa’s most loved dry fruit, carry a bottle of feni extracted from the cashew apple. 

Goa’s sweets like bolinha and   bebinca  besides guava cheese are items  that can easily fit into your bag. 


Goa has something on offer for all with apparel ranging from colourful t-shirts and shorts to exclusive designer brands for both men and women.