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Rachol Fort

An ancient and historically significant fort, this fort is today little more than a ruin being swiftly reclaimed by nature. Little remains of its wonder and glory save an archway over the road leading to the Rachol seminary and a dried up moat surrounding the hill upon which the seminary sits. Known more for the scenic beauty that surrounds it rather than any architectural merit, the fort nonetheless has a fascinating if bloodied history.

Since there is little left of the fort itself it is wise to try to combine the viewing of it with a visit to the seminary.

The town of Rachol lies in the Salcete taluka of South Goa, 7km Northeast of Margao

This is a fort that predates the Portuguese invasion. It was in fact built by the Bahamani Sultanate and fell into the hands of the Vijayanagar kings after a prolonged and bloodied battle. These kings later bartered with the Portuguese, exchanging the possession of the fort for help against the Sultanate of Bijapur.

The Portuguese, meanwhile once they gained control of the fort armed it to the teeth. It is said that at the height of its power it held up to one hundred great cannons and guns, which would of course be how they managed to repel the powerful Maratha armies under the control of Sambhaji.  Read more +

Nothing much remains to be seen of the original fort save the archway spanning the road which leads to the Rachol seminary. Historical records state that the fort once surrounded the entire hill upon which the seminary now stands. The fort contained within it a chapel and church dedicated to St. John the Baptist as well as a formidable citadel.

The fort was surrounded by a deep moat, the dried up remains of which can still be seen today.

Although little physical evidence remains of a once great fort, a visit to Rachol will not leave the visitor unrewarded. The village of Rachol has many historical monuments to delight the eye and stimulate the mind, and with a little imagination, it is not hard to stand atop the hill and imagine the legendary battles fought between the heavily armed fortress and the enemy armies which besieged it.