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Hidden Gems of Sanguem

Sanguem is one of the larger taluka’s located in the interiors of Goa. Away from the coast, it is blessed by dense vegetation and hidden gems belonging to ancient times and a culture that has thankfully  still been preserved .

The drive though long, takes you to remote locations, closer to nature and far from  urban or beach-side attractions.  In fact, some distance away lies the Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife sanctuary with its diverse flora and fauna. The Savari and Mainapi waterfalls also belong to this taluka.

Sanguem has some  of the oldest standing structures in Goa. Here are some that you can visit:

Gopinath Temple: The temple has a replica idol of Krishna, Lord of the Gopis. The original idol housed in this temple since the 14th century has since been shifted to the Goa State Museum in Panaji. The current idol depicts Lord Krishna playing the flute under the ‘kalpavriksha’, the divine, wish-fulfilling tree in Hindu mythology.

The temple itself is a simple and ancient structure. The four pillars are carved with motifs in the

Silhara-Kadamba pattern which are similar to those found at Tambdi Surla.

Bubbling Lake: In the same vicinity is the bubbling lake  hat represents another of Goa’s

less well-known attractions, with which the state abounds.

Ancient rock engravings: The Usgalimal Stone Age rock carvings which have great archaeological and historical significance are also found in the area. These carvings are  unique and pre-date other monuments in Goa.

Salaulim Dam: Not exactly ancient and located on the Selaulim River, a tributary of the River Zuari, the dam is a vital source of water  for  South Goa.  A visit during the monsoons is a must  to take in the sight  of  the water  gushing down  from a height of  42.7 metres.

Mosque: You can also drop in on one of the oldest mosques, the Jama Masjid, in the area, a well-known  place of worship in Goa.