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Experience Fontainhas

Perhaps the most googled place in Goa, Fontainhas with its colourful architecture takes you to a European town by a little creek. It’s hard to imagine that what is now a vibrant neighbourhood that has taken everyone’s fancy was once a swamp. Its marshy land was reclaimed to house new residents after the fall of Velha Goa, the previous capital of Goa before Panaji.

Fontainhas is an architectural feat of our ancestors, built as it is on mangroves. The narrow lanes and the double or single storeyed homes with their distinct features and tales to tell are just some of the unique features. Today guest houses, cafes and restaurants offer visitors a multi-sensory experience.

What to Observe


Fontainhas bears a combination of Indo-Western architectural features. While the Mangalore tiles on sloping roofs are a common feature , a closer observation of the facades highlight different influences. You can find hints of Italianate designs, Goan domestic architectural styles or Indian art deco as seen in Mangalvi Nivas on 31st January Road. Indeed, walking around the rest of the city with its unique raised plinth and rectangular layout can be a learning experience.


The vibrancy of this neighbourhood is tailor made to inspire art. Art galleries like Gitanjali, Pousada and the one in Fundacao Oriente host shows by renowned artists from across the world. In fact, the Fundacao hosts a permanent show by Goa’s famed artists Trinadade and his daughter.


In recent times the upscale feel has inspired fashion designers and lifestyle stores to open their boutiques in the area. You can find Goan ceramic artefacts, upholstery, designer garments and much more.

Cafes and Restaurants

The neighbourhood abounds in cafes and restaurants to suit all tastes, even the strictly vegetarian. There are cafes here where you can sit at leisure, reading a book over a cup of coffee. There are also organic cafes around besides a bakery. Among restaurants, Viva Panaji is amongst the most popular with its authentic Goan cuisine. There is also Panaji Inn with its old world charm and a restaurant which serves some delectable fare. There are several other cafes and restaurants to suit all tastes.