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Catch the Benaulim Buzz

The little green hamlet, Benaulim is a coastal paradise. Its scenic spots, its culture steeped in tradition, its strong local roots and flourishing tourism has made this agrarian village a fine blend of modernity and ancestral living.

The history of the village can be traced to the creation of the region itself. Legend has it that when Lord Parshurama shot his arrow in the sea it landed in Banahalli. ‘Ban’ in Sanskrit means arrow and ‘Halli’ in Kannada is village. Hence Banawali. The Portuguese later changed it to its present name. Benaulim has grown to be an epicentre of culture, food and nightlife. In the midst of quaint old neighbourhoods, you’ll find tall , contemporary styled deluxe hotels, designer boutiques and outdoor cafes. During the season the otherwise quiet village roads are alive with sparkling lights, live music and party scenes on the beach.

There’s never a dull moment in these parts. Here’s a quick guide to the charms of Benaulim

To Begin:

Goa Chitra: You’ll need to spend half of your day at the Goa Chitra museums. There’s not one but four expansive displays that take you from Goa’s rural life to old medical practices to one of India’s finest collections of hand-drawn carts. Go slow and steady as you browse around each piece of Goa’s past. You won’t find such artefacts together anywhere else.

Next Stop:

Lunch at a shack: Benaulim’s famed beach is lined with shacks that serve wholesome food. On offer are a wide array of vegetarian and non-vegetarian options that will leave the foodie in you satisfied and satiated. You can relax, enjoy the view and stay out of the blazing afternoon heat before heading to your next destination.

Adventure Calling:

While you’re at the beach you can try out several water sports activities ranging from jetskiing to parasailing and more. Make sure to bargain with the rates as sometimes you may land up paying more than required.


Chasing sunsets: There’s nothing more romantic or serene than a sunset at the beach. Relax on the fine, clean sand or go for a refreshing walk along the shore until the sun dips into the sea. As the stars peek out, the shacks come alive to live music scenes. Some places have special nights on weekends.