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Travel Safety

Here’s how to have a safe Goa holiday. Goa is a safe for travellers. However as with any new place, caution is advised to maintain safety so that you can enjoy your holiday in Goa to the fullest.When in Goa, do like the Goans do. Follow the laws of the land. Be a responsible traveller.

Don’t drink and drive. Fun, frolic and high spirits can be dangerous. We advise you to help us maintain public decorum to avoid unruly behaviour and avoid injury to yourself and others around you.

Avoid walking on the beach late at night. It’s unsafe and it’ll attract trouble. Stay away from lonely, secluded areas that have no activity.

Women travelling solo are advised to remain vigilant. Befriending strangers is unadvisable and avoid travelling late nights alone as the village roads get deserted at that time. Dress appropriately to avoid unnecessary glances and stares especially on crowded beaches. Don’t accept rides from strangers at night.

Swimming at times is unsafe due to under currents that are often unknown to visitors. Please check with the lifeguard stationed at the beaches and follow their instructions to ensure your safety is met.

Goa’s beaches attract a lot of vendors selling all sorts of items. Be careful of scams that might put you in an uncomfortable situation. Kindly decline their offers.

The temperatures soar in the summer. Visitors not used to warmer climates are requested to carry sun lotion, hats and comfortable clothing to avoid sun rashes.

Beware of eating at street stalls. Kindly check for sanitation and water before placing an order or you’ll be at the risk of falling ill.

Be careful of any sorts of unauthorised agents, brokers who offer to book accommodation, transport or even expensive guides that will take you around. GTDC offers world-class stays at various locations that are conveniently located. Check out our staying (HYPERLINK) options for more details.

You can book for Goa Miles cab or rent your own transport.

We wish you a safe and pleasant holiday.