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 0832-2437132 / 2438866 / 2438002     Tourism Helpline : 1364

Facts & Figures

Geographical Location: Geographically Goa lies between 14° 53′ 54″ N and 15° 40′ 00″ N latitudes and 73° 40′ 33″ E and 74° 20′ 13″ E longitudes.

Total Area: 3, 702 sq. km

Goa is a land of amazing contrasts. Of tangible and intangible heritage; of human endeavour and natural wonders; of music and stillness. No other place in the world lets you discover so many worlds in the space of a few hours: outside you and inside you! Flanked by the Arabian Sea on the West and the imposing Sahyadri mountains on the East, the Goan landscape rises from sea-level to a towering 1022 metres. Several rivers crisscross the state and add to its natural beauty.
Emergency Numbers
Ambulance: 108
Fire service: 191.
Police: 100
Roadways Enquiry
KTC (Kadamba-Goa) 2438034 to 2438037
MSRTC (Maharashtra) 2438253
KSRTC (Karnataka) 2438256
Goa Tourism Helpline
Call center No.: 1364