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Xenni Uzzo

Event Date: March

Xenni Uzzo stands out as a thrilling fire ritual in South Goa. Annually, on the first full moon night following Shigmo, the village of Molcornem in Quepem, Goa, becomes the stage for a distinctive and age-old ceremony known as Xenni Uzzo. This ritual serves dual purposes: it honors the village’s founding figures and beliefs while also commemorating the spring harvest festival.
Despite the rapid pace of modernization, the residents of Molcornem maintain a deep reverence for their traditional customs, particularly evident during Xenni Uzzo. Utilizing natural resources, such as dry cow dung cakes, locally termed as “Xenni,” and leaves, they generate sparks, referred to as “uzzo,” by striking these elements together. Encircling the resultant fire, villagers partake in spirited dances, while men transport areca nut tree trunks from carefully selected plantations near the Mallikarjun temple.