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Planning a Goa Holiday

Anybody who’s heard about the charm and beauty of Goa would want to visit at least once to experience it’s eclectic vibe. And once you visit, you keep returning for more.But, what does it take to plan a trip to Goa?It’s simple. Here’s a little guide to help you.

Kindly check the Covid-19 travel updates before you book your trip to ensure a safe, hassle free journey.

Getting there

Goa today is easily accessible by road, rail and even by sea, for Mumbai passengers. There are multiple bus operators who run daily trips to Goa from different parts of the country. You can get in at any of the main entry bus stands: Mapusa or Panaji for North Goa and Madgaon for South Goa. Taking a train is a comfortable option and various trains touch the State’s railway stops at Thivim, Karmali-Old Goa, Madgaon and Vasco-da-Gama. From there getting to your next destination is easy.
If you’re restless to get to Goa, the flight is your best bet. The Dabolim airport receives daily flights from across the country and even international flights.
These days, rent-a-cab services allow you drive to Goa.

Getting Around

Once you land, you can rent a cab at the airport, bus stop or railway station to take you to your accommodation. The rates vary according to where you stay. There is a special shuttle service available from the airport to North Goa at nominal rates. Rent a cab or bike to get around quick and easy or book a Goa Miles cab.


GTDC offers premium and budget stay options in Goa at various prime locations (please check availability before booking). There are 9 residencies spread across the State from the coast to the hinterland that are close to main attractions like Old Goa, Dona Paula etc. Book your place depending where and what you want to see.

What to Pack

Packing for a Goa trip is as exciting as planning for the trip. Keep in mind the climate before you pack as summers and winters can get hot in the afternoons. Light cotton clothes is ideal to beat the heat. Comfortable walking shoes can be an option if you’re looking to walk around and do a lot of sightseeing.

Planning your itinerary

Goa is a small State but many of the locations are far flung. It can eat into your time if you don’t plan wisely. You may miss out on some sights, but you can always visit again. It takes about an hour to travel from Panaji in North Goa to Margao in the South depending on the traffic. Plan accordingly from the location of your accommodation. If you’re staying in the North, ideally you should spend a day covering the places around you and then spend another day South. Depending on the amount of time at your hands schedule your trip in a way that you get the maximum out of it.


The Indian Rupee is accepted across the State. You can convert your currency at any of the approved exchange centres.


Goa is a safe place. The locals are friendly and will help you if required. However, caution is advised if you’re travelling at night alone or you’re in isolated parts. Avoid visiting beaches at night alone.Please wear your mask, sanitize and maintain social distancing. Wishing you a safe and enjoyable trip.