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An Eco Holiday

Goa is a nature lover’s paradise. The greens and blues across makes it vibrant habitat for a flourishing flora and fauna. An eco-holiday in Goa will bring you up close to Mother Nature’s most prized inhabitants. From the verdant forests along the Western Ghats to the green patches of paddy on the plains to the rolling blue seas, these encounters will leave you mesmerized.  


You can indulge in some light walks or heavy treks into Goa’s green abodes depending on time and pace.  

Spice Plantations: Goa’s variety of spice plantations (hyperlink) are set in the heart of Goa. Away from the busy cities, these wide areas of tall areca palms and plantations are filled with the intoxicating smells of Goan spices and  fruits and offer a taste of authentic Goa. Most of these verdant havens are located 45 to 50 kms away from Panaji.

Wildlife Sanctuaries: With a large area along the borders under forests, wildlife sanctuaries (hyperlink) in Goa offer opportunities to  experience  Goa’s wild ones in their natural habitat. These sanctuaries are well-developed with camping options or you can stay at their eco-rooms.


Hike or Trek: Goa offers some great hiking and trekking trails. Some of the treks lead to magnificent cascades that flow off the hill ranges. These can tough to find and explore, so it’s advisable to take a guide along with you to avoid getting lost along the way. Monsoons are the best time to go trekking in Goa.

Swim: Beaches, lakes and springs offer  plenty of natural swimming locales in Goa. While most of Goa’s seas are swimmer friendly, be advised to be cautious  and do pay attention to the lifeguard’s  instructions as some seas can get dangerous. To stay safe, don’t drink and swim.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Cruise the backwaters: The rivers provide enchanting trips through the backwaters of Goa. The Cumbarjua canal is one such locale famous for its resident, the alligators who bask along the banks. As your boat cruises through you will be in awe of Goa’s beauty and nature’s bounty.


Rent a cycle: To reduce your carbon footprint on your holiday, you can not only take public transport but rent a bike to get you around. A cycle is easy and lightweight to travel around the city and is the ideal way to see the sights at your own pace. 


To continue enjoying an eco-friendly holiday in Goa go vegan. Goa has a number of organic cafes and restaurants offering an exciting mix of vegan and veggie options for the health conscious. Local restaurants and cafes offer wholesome food and  are best on the budget.


With the eco bug catching on in the world of travel, lifestyle stores around the state now cater to environment friendly fashions. From fabrics to designer wear, it’s time to keep it natural. It’s light to carry off and your body breathes easy.