White Water Rafting

Operations has been closed for the season.

Rafting has resumed, see you on the river ! Behold the enticing monsoon of Goa ! This June to October in Goa is the perfect time to soak in the refreshing rain and ride the waves of gorgeously moody Mhadei River! Goa Rafting brings you the enthralling Mhadei Rafting Trip – a unique White Water Rafting experience. All this, amid the spectacular jungle scenery along the Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary.  Come, pick your raft ! We’ll see you on the river!! Highlight Perfect Activity for adventure enthusiast. Most thrilling activity of Goa.

Safety & Security

The Rafting trips are operated by Southern River Adventures and Sports Pvt Ltd., which has been the pioneering Rafting Company in South India. Run by an Englishman, John Pollard, who has had 25 years of Rafting experience all over the world without any major accidents, it won’t be wrong to say that our Rafting is ‘Safer Than The Bus’!


1. Are there any extra fees that I may have to pay at the site ?

Not for the rafting trip but if you want a video recording of your trip or to eat lunch before or after or have a drink or snack then bring some extra money.

2. How do I pay ?

Google Pay or netbanking prior to the trip. Google Pay or cash at the meeting point prior to departure. (Note: pre paid gets priority for seats.)

3.How can I be sure to get a spot on the slot I want?

Pay in advance. Always guarantees a place.

4. What is the age limit for rafting?

10 to 12 years or above but please check with us on the water levels.

5. What Class of rapids are on the Mahadei River?

Class 2 to 3. Ideal for beginners.

6. What should i bring to the rafting meeting place?

Secure footwear. Not slippers. Suitable clothes to wear on the river. A towel and a change of clothes for after the trip. A little spending money for food photos and videos from the river.

7. And what not to bring on the river?

Don’t carry on the boat valuables like watches, jewelry or anything you can’t afford to lose. No eatables and items that will create garbage.

8. What type of clothing should i wear?

Swimwear or swimsuit. Shorts and a t-shirt or tights, but no loose baggy clothing like saris or veils. Salwar Kameez is acceptable but not ideal. The shorter the Kurta the better!

9. Can i come rafting if i cannot swim or have a fear of water?

You can come rafting even if you cannot swim. You are given a lifejacket and will be given a little dip during the training period to ensure you are comfortable and understand how the jacket will help you float safely.

10. Will i get wet??

Yes you will, soaking wet, so don’t bring a rain jacket it will not help.

11.How fit do i need to be?

Only moderate fitness is required for our Mhadei trip. Nobody over 120kg will be permitted for safety reasons.

12.Which health problems or conditions may prevent me from rafting?

No pregnant ladies or people with severe disabilities. But please check with us first. You still may be able to come. Heart patients and people with severe back problems also may be refused. For anything else you can talk to us in advance. Email on goarafting@gmail.com Phone +91 9545305734

13.What facilities are at the meeting place?

We have toilet facilities, changing rooms, car park, and reception area to brief the guests in before departure. The Earthen Pot restaurant is situated in the same location for good food before or after your trip at reasonable rates.

14.Can i drink alcohol before rafting?

No Alcohol before a rafting trip. You will sign an indemnity bond before departure too to declare you are “Not under the influence”. This is in the interest of safety and at the guides discretion. They know best. If you are suspected of drinking before a trip the guides reserve the right to refuse a person.

15.Can I eat before rafting?

Absolutely. No problem at all. As long as you can move afterwards.

16.How safe is rafting with Goa Rafting?

The trips are operated by Southern River Adventures and Sports Pvt Ltd. The pioneering rafting company in South India run by an Englishman John Pollard, who has had 30 years

17.What is the cancellation policy?

50% refund if cancellation is less than 48 hrs before the trip. No refund if you don’t show up or cancel less than 24 hrs prior to the trip departure. But talk to us. We will try to reschedule if possible.

18.Do I have to book in advance or can I just show up?

You need to book in advance by way of payment to get a guaranteed place on a trip. You may be able to get place by just turning up but call us first so we can tell you if your journey is going be wasted or not.

19.Can we raft if it rains??

For rafting the Mhadei river, more rain is better. In fact we only raft when it rains. In the rare occasion of there being too much rain and a trip is cancelled. Full refund will be given.

Packages, Timings & Rentals

Details of Packages Offered –  ₹ 1800/- per person

Timings –

  • SESSION 1: 9:30am
  • SESSION 2: 2:30pm