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Paragliding or Paramotoring

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Powered Paragliding or Paramotoring is an enjoyable, comfortable and affordable way for you to experience flight above breathtaking terrains. It is a form of aviation that consists of a mini aircraft with two seats that carry the pilot and a passenger. It derives its power and forward motion from the propeller behind it and its flight from the glider above. The beauty of this sport is in its inherent low speeds, which makes it highly safe, versatile and thrilling for anyone looking to experience the magic of soaring in an open-air cockpit. As a professional aviation institute, we provide the opportunity to enjoy an awe-inspiring flight for all those above the age of 6 yrs and uptill 90 yrs and a weight limit of 95 kg. Due to extraordinary maneuverability, flying in a Paramotor is unlike any other. It is the wildest expression of freedom in flight; the feeling of fresh breeze brushing against your skin is unparalleled. The vastness and solitude changes a small part of you and promises a newfound perspective. Experience Goa like a God from 1000 feet in the sky.


Paramotoring is available from Nov to May; Paramotoring is not operational in the monsoons
Flying Timing – 2.00 pm upto sunset
1) Short Flight (6 to 10mins)
2) Long Flight (12 to 15mins)

We also provide you with high quality GoPro footage after your flight is commenced.

Safety & Security

The Pilot and the passenger are strapped to the Paratrike harness with the help of leg straps and chest straps so you are braced well and can fly hands-free, Wings are certified from EN 926-1 DGAC. Our pilots carry Thousands of flight experience on coastal and in land. Every year all the load bearing parts of the aircrafts are changed and renewed. We follow a standard SOP with Pre-flight and Post-flights checks which is devised for certain flying conditions keeping safety in mind.


Age : 6 to 90 years
Weight : 10 kg to 95 kg

Do's & Dont's

  1. Passengers intoxicated with alcohol or other substances would not be allowed to fly
  2. Empty pockets
  3. No loose objects or items, hanging items or loose clothes
  4. Carrying your phone or your camera in flight is prohibited

Packages, Timings & Rentals

Sr. No. Package Name Fare per Person
1 Short Flight (6 to 10mins) 4,130/-
2 Long Flight (12 to 15mins) 5,310/-

18% GST inclusive for all of the above prices given

Timings: 2.00 pm upto sunset

Address & Map

Operation Address

Paliyem Hilltop, North Goa

Contact Details: +919168169111 / +919860076711