Goa Tourism Development Corporation
A Government of Goa Undertaking

Refund Policy

  • A guest may apply for refund by sending an email to
  • The subject of the email should be REFUND and contain the booking reference number (e.g. REFUND - Confirmed #9876543210)
  • A copy of the booking confirmation email received would be preferred for quicker verification of the booking made.
  • Reason for cancellation is mandatory.
  • Guest's Contact Phone or Mobile No. is mandatory.
  • Process:

    • Upon receipt of a refund request, it would be referred to the cancellation policy of the vendor/partner.
    • In case of doubt, the vendor/partner would be contacted for clarification.
    • The refund would be subject to all applicable policies, penalties, charges and fees.
    • Upon confirmation, the refund would be processed through the same channel/mode of payment that was used at the time of making the booking i.e. - credit card /debit card /NEFT /Bank deposit.
    • The process may take up to 21 days due to inter-bank procedures.
    • In certain cases, the refund may take additional days, due to various banking and non-banking reasons.
    • All possible attempts would be made to ensure the refund amount is credited into the guest's account within the time-period stated herein above.
    • In case of non-receipt of refund within 21 days,
      kindly write to us at