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Getting Around

There are many options for you to get around in Goa. Public transport largely consists of privately operated buses linking the major towns to rural areas.

Hired forms of transport include unmetered taxis and, in urban areas, auto-rickshaws. A popular mode of transportation in Goa is the motorcycle taxi, operated by drivers who are locally called ‘pilots’. These vehicles transport a single pillion rider, at fares that are usually negotiated. Other than buses, ‘pilots’ tend to be the cheapest mode of transport. You can also rent out a motorcycle and explore the many contrasts that Goa has to offer around every twist and turn.

River crossings in Goa are serviced by flat-bottomed ferry boats. Crammed with people and vehicles, they go about their task in an unhurried manner. They are extremely reasonable and run from dawn till late in the evening.

You can book taxi or vehicles run by Govt. of Goa itself ie. GTDC which would ensure you a hassle free transport. Experience by clicking the link below.

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Hire geared or non-geared bike ‘per day’ basis

  1. Save on the exuberant travelling costs with this service
  2. It is easily available near all the main parts of the towns in Goa, even in villages
  3. The price range is Rs. 200 to Rs. 350 per day depending on the kind of bike
  4. There are geared bikes as well ranging from Rs. 400 to Rs. 1000 per day

Use the Pilot service (Motorcycle rickshaws)

  1. You can also avail the affordable motorcycle rickshaws called Pilots
  2. The motorcycle rickshaw can only accommodate one person at a time
  3. Can be used for long or short distances, charges are about Rs. 15 to Rs. 20 (1 km or little more)
  4. The govt. has allotted the price of Rs 5 for the first kilometer and Rs 2.50 thereafter

Use the local bus service

  1. Local private buses in Goa have a wide network even in the remotest areas
  2. It is a cheaper mode of transport than others, they charge about Rs. 10 for 2 to 3 kilometers
  3. There are bus stops everywhere & the names of the places they will stop at is written in the front side of the bus
  4. There is also a state transport service called Kadamba Transport Corporation. These buses do not stop at all stops but only main cities, for example Mapusa to Panaji and Panaji to Margao.

Auto rickshaws or Cabs

  1. The least cost effective way to travel is by private taxis or auto rickshaws – no meter system and you can be charged more
  2. The fixed price allotted by the govt. for rickshaws of Rs. 7 per km and cabs of Rs 8 per km is most often not followed
  3. You can avail the pre-paid taxi service from the airport that follows a standard amount based on number of kilometers.
  4. Also available at some railway stations.
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Women Taxi services

  1. “Brand New” Toyota Etios “A/C” Car
  2. Travel Hostess trained as “Tourist Guide”
  3. "GPS Monitored” for Safety & Convenience
  4. Govt. Approved “Fare Rates”
  5. “Metered” Taxi Services with printed bill
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  1. A very convenient & cost effective way to travel in Goa but not available everywhere
  2. Only a few locations in Goa have the ferry service
  3. Betim to Panaji, Old Goa to Divar Island, Querim to Tiracol & Cavelossim to Assolna
  4. The most romantic and enjoyable mode of transport in Goa.
  5. It’s free for pedestrians and two wheelers and minimal charges are applicable to cars.