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Chikhal Kalo Chikhal Kalo

Chikhal Kalo

11th July 2022 from 10AM to 1PM

Chikal Kalo literally means 'playing in mud'. It is a festival where you can find the people of Marcel, North Goa, especially the men folk 'playing' in the mud. While, there is a religious significance to it, there is also an environmental aspect associated with it.

Why play in mud?
Right before getting into the mud, the participants smear their bodies with oil. It is said that the oil protects them from contracting any infection from the mud.

It is also believed the applying mud on the body helps to cure a variety of skin diseases. All the participants (they are all males) slather their bodies with oil and then make their way out of the temple.

Prasad, in the form of local sweets are distributed to them as well as to the spectators, who gather to witness the festivities. After that, tilak is applied on the forehead of the participants.

11th July