German Artist on an Art Exchange Program in Goa hosted by GTDC

Goa Tourism Development Corporation(GTDC),as part of a cultural exchange program, is hosting renowned German artist, Ms. Angelika Khan Leonhard. In Goa for the last one week, Leonhard is on a mission to nurture young Goan artists and tap talent with a brush of creativity and colour.

For Leonhard, Goa is a paradise well-known for its Art and Culture, expanding in its own ways and spreading its vibrant wings across the country.

Ms. Leonhard, said, “My passion for painting has drawn me to Goa to exchange and collaborate with Art students here.”

Having visited India several times, this trip, according to her, is very special as she finds herself very much at home and has assimilated well with the Goan setting for a picture perfect canvas painting.

“Thanks to GTDC for giving me this opportunity to work with Goan students,” she said. Leonhard pointed out that she will always be grateful to GTDC for giving her a platform to showcase her art which is a fusion of the Western and Indian art forms. “What I wish to portray through my paintings and workshops with Goan artists is the dynamism of India as a country. Today India is projected as an unsafe country for foreign visitors which is not true. I have seen a different picture altogether. There is so much of hospitality, respect for women, gender equality and visitors to India have nothing to fear.” She further said, “I have enjoyed the warmth and hospitality of the people of Goa and I want to reciprocate the same with a dash of colour and art.”

The German artist, though talent in art, pursued her passion and studied Art in Italy and Germany. An Art professor herself,

Leonhard has come with a group of seven German Art students who have been working closely during the last one week imparting knowledge of modern art through daily workshops at Miramar Residency. “The climate here is nice and bright and is enthusing us more and more to splash paints on big canvas’,” she said. Leonhard believes in painting large pictures as they speak out clearly and send out distinct and clear messages of harmony. “I love to paint to large walls as much as I do on canvas,” concluding that ‘she wants to bring the world closer through Art. ‘

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