Co-operation and support from all during Christmas and NY celebration in Goa hailed by Ajgaonkar: Goa all set for festival tourism in coming weeks

Panjim, Jan 3: The Hon’ble Minister for Tourism, Mr. Manohar Ajgaonkar today thanked Goa Chief Minister, Mr. Manohar Parrikar, the Home Department, Goa Police, all tourism stakeholders and goenkars for successfully managing the peak tourist inflow during Christmas and New Year celebrations in Goa.

In a statement issued today, Mr. Ajgaonkar has congratulated the entire administrative set up in the state, law enforcing agencies and the local Goans for extending full co-operation during the peak time of the tourist season in Goa and to all tourism stakeholders for extending their support, warmth and hospitality to the visiting tourists.

Mr. Ajgaonkar said, “It is proven that Goa is known for its hospitality and this time we have shown it once again to the world and nation that Goa is a safe destination for tourists and that the State and the government under Mr. Parrikar has ensured smooth and peaceful celebrations of Christmas and New Year."

Mr. Ajgaonkar further said that he is confident that statistically the inflow of tourists to Goa has increased and that would be on record with the Department of Tourism in a few weeks from now.

Mr. Ajgaonkar said that in the next couple of weeks and months, Goa will be geared up for organizing its annual festivals like Carnaval, Shigmo, Food and Cultural festival and tourists should not miss the opportunity of making advance bookings and participating in the State’s heritage and cultural diversity.

He added that the government is also working overtime to provide basic tourist facilities across the state so that tourists can feel more comfortable.

He also reiterated that as the tourist season will continue till May, that visitors should maintain caution while on the beaches, avoid swimming after dark, avoid consuming alcohol and swimming, stay safe, follow the laws of the land and pay heed to the local and authorities on various dos and don'ts.

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