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Flying Fish


Get ready to be blown away with the rich marine diversity and over 100 species of fish that Goa has to offer as we take you on a magical boat ride with your friends and family on an 8 hour excursion on the sea. Sight delightful dolphins on the way to Grandé Island where you get to scuba dive and snorkel in amazing dive sites like Suzy’s Wreck, Coral Garden, Bounty Bay, Lobsters’ Avenue, and Shelter Cove.
As Goa Tourism's Official Diving Centre, we guarantee you an unforgettable and surreal scuba diving experience. In our 3rd season of operation, we are already on TripAdvisor’s ‘The 10 Best India Scuba and Snorkeling Activities.’ We also have the added distinction of being affiliated with PADI and SSI, two of the world's leading diver training organizations. Our PADI and SSI certified instructors have dived in the waters all around the globe and are there to guide you, and keep you safe in the event of any exigency. We have the equipment, the training staff, and required infrastructure to make your experience memorable while maintaing safety protocols.
We take special care to make your dive one for the memories and we'll even take high-definition stills and videos so you can share your experience with the world!

Address & Contact

GTDC Calangute Residency, Calangute, Goa-403516
Conatct Details : +91 98101 10189

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NOTE: For booking seat/package you'll need 1) Valid ID Proof & 2) Completed medical form


Package Amount in INR Package details
Package 1 . 4000.00 * One open water dive of 20 minutes
* Pool training session before the dive for acclimatization and dive preparation
* High definition stills and videos
* Snorkeling
* On-board refreshments, fruits, juice
* Boat ride and Dolphin sighting
Package 2 . 6000.00 * One open water dive of 40 minutes, max depth 40 ft
* Pool training session before the dive for acclimatization and dive preparation
* High definition stills and videos
* Snorkeling
* Scuba diving certificate
* On-board refreshments, fruits, juice
* Dolphin sighting
Package 3 . 8000.00 * Two open water dive of 30 minutes each, max depth 40 ft
* Confined scuba diving for 30 minutes for acclimatization and dive preparation
* Professionally edited personalized HD film
* Scuba diving certificate
* Scuba T-shirt
* Snorkeling
* Dolphin sighting
* High definition stills and videos
* On-board refreshments, fruits, juice

NOTE: Timings for all packages is 6.30am – 3.00pm

Add-on Family Package @ . 2000.00
We get that not all members of your family or group may be interested or medically capable of diving, but may want to come along for the experience. We have created an add-on package that includes pool training (optional), boat ride, refreshments and the meal...basically, everything excluding the dive so y'all can hang together and keep the fun rolling.
That's not all. Children under 10 years can accompany you at no charge, and if they're 8 years old and over, they also have the option of taking the pool training session absolutely FREE!

NOTE: This is not a standalone package


1. Who can learn to dive?
Almost anybody. The minimum age is 10 years old. There is no maximum age but you need to be generally fit and healthy.

2. Is it dangerous?
No, it isn’t. Scuba diving is a safe and fun family activity. Just listen to your Instructor and follow the safety rules.

3. Do I need to get a medical certificate?
We need to make sure that you are fit for diving. Please read the questions in the medical form provided. If you can answer ‘no’ to every question you don’t need to see a doctor. If you answer ‘yes’ to any question you will need to see a doctor and get his go-ahead before you can dive.

4. Are there any dangerous sharks?
There are no sharks in Goa so you can go diving with an easy mind.

5. Can I run out of air?
It’s possible but very unlikely. You and your Instructor can easily check your air supply. It’s like reading the petrol gauge on a car. For extra safety we always end a scuba dive with at least 25% in the tank.

6. What happens if I feel claustrophobic?
You will always be close to your instructor. If you feel claustrophobic just signal to your Instructor and you will go together to the surface.

7. Will my ears hurt?
Sometimes on a flight or diving down to the bottom of a swimming pool you may feel pain. This is because the air pressure is increasing and squeezing your ears. This won’t be a problem while you are diving because your Instructor will teach you a simple technique to prevent this (called ‘equalisation’).

8. Can I dive if I wear glasses?
The best option is to wear soft contact lenses while you are diving. We also have scuba diving masks with prescription lenses, so check with us to see if we can help you. Please note that everything looks around 30% magnified under water so even prescription masks that are slightly lower than your power may work for you.