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Guided birding day trips to 8 Premier Birding Hotspots in Goa


Goa accounts for about 5% of the birds found in the world and about half the birds found in India within a driving distance of 90 minutes from anywhere in Goa & the season of operation extends throughout the year with bird sightings dependent on migration / breeding behavior.

Our Profile & Background

Our team seeks to expose the traveler to the avian treasures of this State that is rich in cultural, historical, biological and geological heritage. Illustrated below, are the snapshots of the profiles of our guides on for Goa. Our guides are amongst the top 5 eBirders in the State with enviable credentials and therefore we can confidently assure you that you are birding with the best!


Savio, 51, has been birding since 2010. Along with India’s leading ornithologist Bikram Grewal, he has authored the “Photographic Guide to the Bird’s of Goa” which is the leading published authority on the birds found in Goa. He has clocked 389 species as per the Goa eBird list and stands 3rd among the eBirders in the State. However, his list stands validated at a staggering 313 of those species being supported by photographs, while the closest eBirder has only 59 species photographed. Besides birding, Savio offers on the fly mentoring on bird photography during the trips.


Aidan, 21, has been birding since he was 11. When he was 14, he was among the 16 selected from around the world by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology as the Young Birder of 2014. His dream is to be a biologist specializing in ornithology. He is currently pursuing an undergraduate course in a college in Panjim, Goa.

Day Trips

For first timers - Explore maximum birds at popular hotspots of Goa

Sr. No. Trips Timings Fare
1 Bondla WLS 05.30AM to 12.30PM
From North Goa ₹ 5000
From South Goa ₹ 6000
2 Zuari / Boat Ride 06.30AM to 09.30AM
From North Goa ₹ 2000
From South Goa ₹ 2500

For advanced trips - Explore exotic birds at some serious hotspots of Goa

Sr. No. Trips Timings Fare
1 Bhagwan Mahaveer NP 05.30AM to 12.30PM
From North Goa ₹ 5000
From South Goa ₹ 6000
2 Cotigao WLS 04.30AM to 12.30PM
From North Goa ₹ 6000
From South Goa ₹ 6000
3 Netravali WLS 04.30AM to 12.30PM
From North Goa ₹ 6000
From South Goa ₹ 6000
4 Curtorim Wetlands 05.30AM to 12.30PM
From North Goa ₹ 6000
From South Goa ₹ 6000
5 Carambolim Lake 05.30AM to 12.30PM
From North Goa ₹ 4000
From South Goa ₹ 6000
6 Socorro Plateau + Salvador do Mundo -
From North Goa ₹ 4000
From South Goa ₹ 6000

For special trips - Explore target birds or special hotspots of Goa

Sr. No. Trips Timings Fare
1 Bhagwan Mahaveer NP 05.30AM to 05.30PM
From North Goa ₹ 6500
From South Goa ₹ 7500
2 Netravali WLS 04.30AM to 05.30PM
From North Goa ₹ 7500
From South Goa ₹ 7500
3 Night Birding 04.00AM to 07.30AM
From North Goa ₹ 4000
From South Goa ₹ 6000
4 Target Species Trips -
Half Day ₹ 6000
Full Day ₹ 7500

Goa Packages

Bird for a song - Explore maximum birds at popular hotspots of Goa in this budget birding plan.

  • Duration: Goa 3 days / 2 nights
  • Fare: Rs 12,500 per person for a group of 4

Luxury Birding - Birds. Comfort. Indulge.

  • Duration: Goa 3 days / 2 nights
  • Fare: Rs 25,000 per person for two

Solitary Birding. - Customize your trip and, bird in absolute solitude.

  • Duration: Goa 3 days / 2 nights
  • Fare: Rs 29,000 per person

Address & Maps

Operation Address:

754, Greenhouse, Opp Clergy Home, Alto Porvorim, Bardez GOA 403521

Mobile & Whatsapp: +91-7588927753

Google Location Address (Latitude & Longitude):

15.540917, 73.821085

Terms & Conditions


1. Bookings have to be done in advance either through our website, or transfer by NEFT to our bank account or by cash deposit in our bank account. The best option for foreign clients is to pay through the payment portal on our website or through PayPal.

2. The rates listed on the brochures are without the GST. The GST amount will be added to this amount at 5% for the boat trip and 18% for other trips.

3. Client ID details have to be furnished at the time of booking.

4. Bank and other transfer charges are exclusive to the price. Charges incurred by us towards receiving payments have to be borne by the customer.

Ethical Birding

1. Avocet Peregrine have an unflinching respect and concern for the birds and other wildlife. Therefore, we do not do or encourage calls or any kind of baiting. We request our clients to kindly respect this.

2. Clients are advised not to use flash while photographing birds.

3. For night birding, the client needs to come with a torch with suitable lumens, which the guide will handle during the photography. We do not provide torches for shooting and therefore not responsible for the photographic output quality.

4. Clients are advised not disturb birds or shoo them to capture flight shots or to chase elusive /shy birds. The best practice is to leave the birds to themselves and proceed to the next bird.

5. Avocet Peregrine reserves the right to abort the trip at any moment if ethical birding practices described above are breached. No refund will be given for the balance uncompleted part of the trip.

6. Clients are requested not to disturb nests of birds when encountered during the trips.


1. Clients are advised to conduct themselves in well behaved manner at the stays provided and during the trips. Any kind of misbehavior will be not tolerated and the trip can be aborted and criminal proceedings may be initiated based on the gravity of the misdemeanors. No refund will be given for the balance uncompleted part of the trip.

2. Clients are advised to follow the laws of the land and including the rules regarding smoking, drinking, littering etc especially in forests and while on the road.

3. Clients damaging the properties of Avocet Peregrine or at the stays will be liable to pay the damages involved irrespective of the intent.


1. Clients are advised to wear protective footwear while birding to avoid being bitten by venomous snakes.

2. Clients are advised to protect them selves adequately with clothing and insect repellant especially with respect to forest ticks.

3. Clients are advised to wear protective boots specially when venturing into water bodies or loose cobbles or during night birding trips. Clients are also advised about a clear and present danger of drowning or crocodile attacks while birding close to water bodies.

Other Conditions

1. The trip pick up and drop locations are outside Paryatan Bhavan of Goa Tourism Development Corporation Ltd. For any other location, the transportation charges as applicable need to be paid.

2. All incidental expenses on the day trips such as refreshments including breakfast, lunch etc, forest entry trips, and local guide and hide charges; toll, etc are on the account of the client.

3. The charges are time based and not based on any other parameter.

4. Sightings cannot be assured since bird behaviors are unpredictable. The objectives of our trips are to take our clients to the hotspots where frequencies of sightings are high and this can be verified through our trip reports on eBird.


1. What is the recommended attire?
Earth colors of dull green / brown with preferably full length boots at all locations except morjim beach.

2. What can I carry with me?
You should carry Binoculars, Guide book, Camera for better experience.

3. Are there any risks on trip?

4. What is excluded from package?
Package does not include Forest entry tickets, Meals, Parking fees, Ferry fees.

5. Will meals be provided?
Package does not include meal but meal will be made available at reasonable prices at clean restaurants / eateries in adjoining villages.

6. What whould be the mode of birding?
Mode of birding will eirther be walking, motoring, cycling or boating.

7. How much distance does each location cover?
All locations have different walking distance

8. Where is the pickup point?
Pickup will be from Paryatan Bhavan Patto Panaji for all the destinations.

9. What will be the pickup time?

10. Where is the drop point?
Drop will be at Paryatan Bhavan Patto Panaji from all the destinations.

11. What will be the drop time?

12. Is there any alternate vehicle available? if yes then what is the price?
Yes, alternate vehicle MUV is available which includes the stop and go birding i.e you can ask the vehicle driver to stop at any point for taking pictures and so on.

For Bookings Contact : Savio Fonseca

+91-7588927753, hello[at]avocet-peregrine[dot]com