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Goa has more than 50 species of animals Goa has more than 50 species of animals
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Animal Life

So much variety, urban, rural and forest, Goa has more than 50 species of animals. Unfortunately most of them are in the deep forest. You find leopards, monkeys, deer, leopard cat, Indian civet, the gaur or Indian bison, the sloth bear, the Indian porcupine, the pangolin, the slender loris, the wild boar and the mongoose.

Monkeys are found all across Goa . The most common species is the pink-bottomed macaque followed by the Hanuman langur. Goa has four species of bats, the fruit bat, the Dormers bat, the horse-shoe bat, and the Malay fox vampire.

Flying foxes are also present in large numbers. Most of these are found in the rural interior areas. The Indian giant squirrel, the smaller three-striped squirrel and the five-striped palm squirrel are also found in most areas.

There are four species of deer: the cheetal or spotted axis deer, the sambar, the barking deer and the mouse deer. The smaller deer are preyed on by predators: the striped hyena, the jackal, and the wild dog.

Long-beaked dolphins are often seen in the shallow waters of Goa's more isolated beaches.

Reptiles & Amphibians

Goa has a large reptilian/amphibian population. This includes the ubiquitous common house gecko, the chameleon, a variety of frogs and the rare monitor lizard. Two species of crocodile are mostly found along the banks of a few inland waterways.

Twenty-three species of snakes are found in Goa . The nonpoisonous variety of snakes include the common blind snake, the Russell sand boa, the Indian python, the Indian wart snake, trinket snake, Indian rat snake, golden tree snake, common wolf snake, chequered keelback, striped keelback, Indian gamma and common green whip snake.

Among the few venomous snakes in Goa are the cobras, including the king cobra, the common Indian krait, the coral snake, the Russell's viper, the saw-scaled viper and the bamboo pit viper.

Freshwater turtles and rare marine turtles like the Olive Ridley, which come ashore between October and December to lay their eggs in the sand are also found in Goa.