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Adventure Hot Air Balloon Ride in Goa

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“The balloon seems to stand still in the air while the earth flies past underneath.”— Alberto Santos-Dumont.

There is nothing quite like the uplifting sensation of a hot air balloon ride. The gentle sway of the balloon borne upon the winds, with a panorama, a bird’s eye view surroundings of Goa is an amazing experience. The 360 degree field of vision and the weightless sensation of being lifted off your feet, can only be experienced in a hot air balloon.

A fantastic way to experience air balloon flight, and a great adventure that is not in the least bit physically demanding, hot air balloon rides are now available to tourists in Goa. The ticket for the air ballooning ride would be priced at around Rs 9,500 per head during weekdays and Rs.9,900 on weekends (pricing may change).

You can look forward to: 2 hours experience hot air ballooning including:
Greeting and registration
Briefing by your pilot
Invitation to help with balloon inflation
Around an hour’s flight in hot air balloon
Presentation of certificate signed by your pilot (on request)
Invitation to assist with the deflation of the balloon
transport back to your original launch site

Hot air ballooning in Goa is completely weather dependent. Balloon flights may be delayed or cancelled if the conditions are unsafe for flying. A decision to delay flights or cancel them will only be made by the crew at 6.00 am each morning. To find out if the balloons are flying, guests with confirmed bookings will be informed well in advance. The most important aspects of the weather are that there must be wind speeds of less than 12 miles per hour, reasonable visibility, a stable atmosphere and no rain or snow.

Balloons take between 15-30 minutes to inflate, depending on their size. Inflation usually commences at 6.15 am with the majority of the balloons launched prior to 7.00 am. The early bird catches the worm.
Don’t forget your camera to capture all the stunning balloons.
Bring cash if you wish to purchase souvenirs at the balloon field.
Bring along warm clothing for possible chilly mornings.
Bringing pets to the event is discouraged.

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