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Ancestral Goa

The little state of Goa, located on the western coast of India in the verdant Konkan region boasts a long and varied history. Variously ruled through the ages by Hindu and Muslim rulers as well as the more recent Portuguese colonists, the land itself has imbibed a variety of customs and traditions which blend those of all the various communities which call it home.

Goa today of course, has been greatly modernised to keep up with the ever changing times and technological progress. However, all of its history is still a large part of the culture and atmosphere of the state. If you’ve ever wondered what a Goan village would have been like a hundred years ago, wonder no more. With the setting up of ‘Ancestral Goa’ you can visit a miniature village which has been planned and executed in minute detail.

Where to Go
The Ancestral Goa theme park is located in Loutolim, a village in the south of Goa. Located about 8km from Margao, this miniature village is easily accessible by road.

When to Go
The Ancestral Goa theme Park and Bigfoot Museum are open to visitors all the days of the week from 9.00am to 6.00pm

What to See

The entire complex has been built with the idea of allowing people a glimpse into the lives of everyday people from Goa’s rich history. Populated mostly by statues which depict the various traditional activities of Goan villagers, this is both a fun and educational experience.