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Art is not just my profession, but the very breath of my life. My life is inseparable from the creative quests which have nurtured me for the last three decades. Creativity is an essentially private activity, yet no artist speaks to himself alone. He needs an audience. He cannot sing in the desert.

I feel the need to go beyond my personal artistic adventures and work towards creating a vibrant art scene in Goa. Unfortunately, appreciation of contemporary arts is restricted to a part of the so-called elite and a major part of our population is completely excluded. There is an urgent need to break cultural barriers and take contemporary arts to the common people, ideally in their own language.

I decided to make this one of my key missions. The idea of the ‘Museum of Goa’ (MOG) was born out of this determination.

An endeavour to create a unique space for the Arts, MOG will bring together artists, curators, collectors, art enthusiasts, educationists, students and audiences from all walks of life. It will not only be a space for exhibitions, but also organize workshops, residencies, lectures, talks and art courses.

MOG will embrace a universal perspective and provide a platform to Indian contemporary artists to showcase their work and also connect them with local and international milieus.

MOG is envisioned less as a repository of objects and more as a laboratory of ideas, where art forms – paintings, sculptures, photography, music, theatre, design, video art, films, installations and many others are in constant dialogue with each other.

I believe that contemporary art is the universal language of the world today. Goa can be a part of the global conversation. However, inspite of being a prime tourist destination, Goa lacks contemporary art spaces. MOG will showcase world class art and put Goa on the international art map.

MOG offers about 1,500 square meters of space to display art and is centrally located in Pilerne Industrial Estate, not too far from Calangute. It boasts of a three storey structure designed by the well-known architect Dean D’Cruz.

The very contemporary building stands between industries on one side and the forest on the other. It houses galleries, MOG Art Store, a café, an auditorium and studios.

In Konkani, the word MOG means love.

Subodh Kerkar