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Tripurari Poornima Tripurari Poornima
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Tripurari Poornima

The traditional Tripurari Poornima boat festival is celebrated at Sanquelim in the last week of November and is a major draw for tourists from far and wide. According to mythology, Lord Krishna defeated and killed the Demon Tripur on the day of Kartik Purnima. People celebrated Krishna's victory and the end of demons by releasing lamps in the river. Since then it has been a tradition all over India to release small lamps in the river during the time of Diwali especially Kartik Purnima. An interesting element about the way this is celebrated in Goa is the distinctive local touch. The tradition takes the form of a very unusual competition - that of making miniature models boats and ships made out of thermocol and other materials. The ship building competition has become the main highlight of the festival drawing a large number of spectators and participants from all over Goa. Besides the main boat competition, there are a host of cultural programmes including songs by well known artistes, performances of various Goan traditional folk dances such as Goff, Dhalo, Tonyamel, Veerbhadra, Samai Dance etc along with a display of fireworks.