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Easter Easter
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27th March

Easter proclaims the “Resurrection of Jesus Christ”. This festival celebrates the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus through which he atoned for the original sin of Adam and Eve, thus ensuring salvation for mankind.


Many traditional dishes are prepared in Goan Christian households at Easter time. These include Sorpotel and Sannas, Vindalho and other savoury and spicy curries. Additionally, people make Easter eggs, usually out of cashew nut marzipan and distribute them amongst their friends and relatives. Chocolate eggs and chocolate fudge or milk cream eggs are also popular.

Easter Story

It is at this time that the Catholic church remembers several important events in the latter part of Jesus’ life. The story begins with Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem, accompanied by crowds of people waving palms, through the last supper, agony in the garden, arrest, torture, crucifixion and death and finally ending with His resurrection on Easter.

Religious Observances

With the start of Holy Week, on Palm Sunday, which is the Sunday preceding Easter, the six weeks of penance and fasting, known as Lent come to an end. During Holy week there are four important services which are observed by all Catholic churches, they are;
Palm Sunday (Sunday before Easter) which commemorates Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem.   Read more +

Maundy Thursday celebrates the Last Supper of Jesus with his disciples on the eve of the Jewish Passover.    Read more +

Good Friday commemorates the suffering and death of Jesus.
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The Easter Vigil Service (Saturday at midnight) which celebrates Jesus’ resurrection from the dead.   Read more +

For those who choose not to attend the Vigil service there are also masses held on Easter Sunday. Another important event, is the blessing of the house, which is done by the Priest after Easter.