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Goa Food and Cultural Festival

The festival of Shigmo this year is set to be a gala event, especially during its last five days. The festival of Shigmo celebrates the homecoming of warriors who have won victory over the demons, and what better way to welcome them than with plentiful and delicious food and drink.

This year’s Shigmo celebrations started on the 24th of March and will culminate on the 10th of April. From the 6th to the 10th of April, there is a huge cultural and food festival that is held in Panaji, the capital city of Goa. The festival is a delight to the senses with delicacies from all over Goa being showcased by chefs of various calibres and from various walks of life, from the professional to the home-cooked food we all love.


This year’s festival was held at the D. B. Bandodkar Ground, Campal, Panjim. This huge maidan (ground) provided ample space for the 80 plus stalls that were set up around it as well as the huge stage, which hosted live performances, to say nothing of the lakhs of visitors that thronged the venue, gorging on the delicious and mouth-watering food as well as taking part in the various events that were hosted on each of the days.


The Goa food festival took place from the 6th to the 10th of April 2016, with events and festivities continuing all day on each of the five days.

Cultural Programme

The guests at the festival were provided not only with bountiful food for their bodies, but also with music which is food for the soul. There were performance by various artists and bands from all across Goa, and India too.

The sound was provided by Roger Drego, that veteran of sound and light shows and exceeded even the highest of expectations. The main performances included live sets by Goenchim Noketram, Indian Ocean, Dance to the Beats, Rhythm and Blues, Kepemchim Kirnnam, Lagori, the Big T Band, Bollywood Hip Hop and Dance Fusion, Thermal and Quarter, Taaq, Bad Blood and One Night Stand.

Food Festival

The food festival itself was made up of more than 80 stalls set at strategic places around the grounds where the festival was held. The chefs used their considerable talent and expertise to best showcase the best of the Goan culinary delights. The food ranged from the down-to-earth cooking that we know and love to the sublime heights of haute cuisine a flavourful fusion of Goan and Western cooking.

There was also an exciting line up of events for the guests to take part in ranging from cooking competitions, cooking demos to a live feni distillation unit, undoubtedly a fan favourite. The mouth-watering delicacies too were not restricted to savoury and spicy dishes but ranged over sweet meats and desserts as well as exotic beverages.

The festival was a brilliant showcase of Goa’s cultural and culinary talent with something to tempt even the most finicky of palates, as well as plenty of other attractions to entice the mind, titillate the taste buds and soothe the soul. If you didn’t get to Goa in time for this year’s festivities, perhaps you should ensure that you’re there for next year’s line-up.