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On 25th NOVEMBER, 2015

Panjim, November 23, 2015 : Goa Tourism in association with the Dept. of Art and Culture, Dept. of Information & Publicity and the Deepavali Utsav Committee is all set to celebrate Tripurari Purnima Boat festival on the banks of river Valvanti at Vithalapur village, Sanquelim - Goa. This festive celebration will mark the end of Diwali in Goa. The festival will take place on November 25 at Sanquelim village, Goa.

Tripurari Purnima is the full moon day during the Karthik month, according to the traditional Hindu calendar. The boat contest that takes place during this time is one of the main highlights of the festival and draws a large number of spectators, tourists and participants from all over.

Diyas or lamps are placed in the water before the boats arrive amidst much fan-fair and festivities. The boats are miniature replicas of actual ships painstakingly crafted by artisans, while others are traditional crafts mostly made of thermacol and cardboard. This colourfully lit up scene forms a visual treat for the large numbers gathered. Records have it that the Tripurari Purnima boat festival has launched more than a thousand ships.

The festivities will take place at Vithalapur in Sanquelim, near the Pundalik Temple. The river Valvanti which flows nearby makes it an ideal spot for the boat competition. The celebrations start in the evening as the palanquin of Lord Vithal is brought, amidst chanting and accompaniment of traditional music, to be placed on the banks of the river where it remains until the end of the boat competition.

Apart from the boat competition, there are a host of cultural programmes which includes songs by well known Goan artistes and performances of various traditional folk dances such as Goff, Dhalo, Tonyamel, Veerbhadra, Samai dance etc. As the competition progresses the competitors boats are brought and displayed near the shore.

The entire Vithalapur village is perfectly lit-up and has the ambience of a typical Goan Zatra celebration. The grand finale has a spectacular display of fireworks on a full moon night. The organisers of the Tripurari Purnima festival award prizes to the best designed boats.

The details for Tripurari Purnima programme is as follows :        

Time Programme
7.00 pm Procession of Lord Krishna
7.30 pm Sailing of lamps in river Valvanti
8.00 pm ‘Lavani Nite’ by Rasik Ranjan, Kolhapur
11.00 pm Palanquin procession of Vithal Rakhumai
11.30 pm Tripurasur- Vadn
11.35 pm Release of “Saranga” in the sky
11.45 pm Fireworks
12.00 midnight  Traditional Boat Show

Tours by GTDC for Tripurari Purnima on Nov 25.
Special tours are being organized by the Goa Tourism Development Corporation (GTDC) to transport tourists to Sanquelim to witness the Tripurari Purnima festivities. The tours will cater to all those interested in witnessing the event, especially guests residing at GTDC residencies. Tickets are priced at Rs 100 per person. Children aged between 6-12 will be charged Rs 50. GTDC coaches will depart from Miramar and Panjim Residencies at 8.00 pm. Another coach will depart from Calangute Residency at 8.00 pm and pick up guests from Mapusa Residency at 8.30 pm before proceeding to Sanquelim. Tickets can be booked at the respective GTDC residencies.

About Tripurari Purnima festival
The festival of Tripurari Purnima is a part of a legend. A powerful demon named Tripuri or Tripurasura built three impregnable cities of gold, silver and iron with the blessing of Lord Shiva. The demon became so powerful and his inflated ego knew no bounds and started attacking and tormenting humans and demi gods (devas). Brahma and Vishnu failed to contain Tripurasura who was armed with several boons from Shiva.
Finally, the task of annihilating the demon fell on Lord Shiva and after three days of fight, Lord Shiva killed Tripurasura and destroyed the three cities – Tripuri. This great victory happened on the full moon day in Kartik month and therefore the day is celebrated as Tripuri Poornima. Traditionally, the festival is celebrated by lighting of lamps.

Tickets can be booked at :
Panaji Residency: 2223396/2227103
Calangute Residency: 2276109/2276024
Mapusa Residency: 2262794/ 2262694
Miramar Residency- 2464154
GTDC Travel Division- 2438866/2437132,
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