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Carnival Carnival
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Carnaval 6th – 9th Feb 2016

Dancing in the streets, brilliantly coloured floats festooned with a rainbow of flowers and feathers, masks - and of course the grand finale; the crowing of King Momo and the Red and Black ball. All this and more is part and parcel of Carnaval in Goa. King Momo...Read more +

There are celebrations in villages and cities all across Goa. The parade with its floats, entertainers and dancers moves through the major cities. Festivities usually begin around 3 pm and last for about 3 hours. The celebrations culminate with the famous Red and Black Ball which is usually held at the Clube National in Panaji, on the evening of the last day.

6th Feb’16 Panjim. Opening ceremony
7th Feb’16 Margao
8th Feb’16 Vasco
9th Feb’16 Mapuca,
Evening Red & Black ball in Panjim

Join the Party !  The good news is that you don’t need tickets for the carnival! Everyone is invited. So get your glad rags on, dig out some nice comfy shoes and get ready to party Goa-style for three days straight. Since the planning has already begun, it looks like being the party of the year, and an experience you will never forget.

Carnaval in Goa  is an old Portuguese tradition, introduced to Goa about 500 years ago. The celebration remains vastly popular even today and retains a Portuguese flavour, even though it is now celebrated by people from all walks of life. In Goa, it is pronounced as ‘Carnaval’ in keeping with its roots…Read more +

Carnival 2016:  Goa, with its rich culture and traditions has a lot to contribute to the world of performing arts. This year sees partners from across the sea,… Read more +