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Helicopter Joy Ride

Witnessing spectacular aerial vistas is no longer a restricted privilege to be enjoyed only by the entitled upper crust. With the addition of helicopter joy rides to their growing list of tourist attractions the GTDC is making this fantastic experience easily available to everyone. The whir of the rotors and the wind spectacular views of the landscape below have made this adventure activity especially popular Pawan Hans, a premiere helicopter company and largest operator in India, has joined hands with the government of Goa to bring helicopter joy rides to Goa.

What to Expect
Riding in a helicopter is not that different from riding in an airplane. Once in the air the feeling of flight is the same, one difference would be the scope of view that is available in a helicopter, which aeroplanes cannot provide, however the sensation of flying is the same. Which is to say, if you are comfortable flying in a plane, it is likely you will be fine in a helicopter as well.

The main difference comes into play at the time of take-off and landing. Unlike planes, choppers are vertical flight crafts and experienced fliers have described the sensation as being similar to that of riding in an elevator. In a commercial jet you would get the feeling of being pushed back into your seat, in a helicopter, it is more like being pushed downwards during take-off. Upon landing if the descent is very fast you might experience a slightly uncomfortable ‘stomach in throat’ feeling, but this is rare in sightseeing tours and joy rides.

Helicopters are much louder than planes however, and you will receive a headset to reduce the noise level. Additionally, copters are also sound-proofed to lower the amount of noise that the occupants are subjected to.

In case you encounter some minor turbulence during your flight, you would feel in more in a helicopter than in an aeroplane. Not to worry, however, it is just a minor annoyance and in no way poses any danger to the vehicle or passengers.

Tips for First Timers or Nervous Fliers
As exciting as a Joy ride in a chopper is, when going up for the first time, the excitement might upset your digestive system, so perhaps these are guidelines worth following. Additionally, some people do suffer from motion sickness and similar complaints. Missing out on a short but incredibly fun ride because of this would be a real shame, so here are some tips for those who are first time or nervous fliers.   Read more +

Joy Rides in Goa
Pawan Hans is a well-known and respected brand for helicopter rides in India. They have now added Goa to their list of locations in which they provide helicopter joy rides. The rides will take place in a state of the art Bell-206 chopper which can carry upto 5 passengers at a time.

The adventure begins from the Luxurious Park Hyatt Resort at Cansaulim, from where you will proceed to fly over the Pristine beaches of Arossim, Majorda, Betalbatim, Colva, Benaulim and Varca.   Read more +

Rules and Regulations
In order to make the most of your joy ride it is best to be aware of the rules are regulations that you would be required to adhere to. There is also a safety briefing that is given to all the passengers on the ground before departure.

Please endeavor to reach the meeting point at least 30 minutes before your scheduled ride, as various safety briefings have to be conducted and we wouldn't want you to miss the ride of a lifetime.

Maintaining the correct load allowance for the copter is extremely essential to a safe and comfortable ride. Passengers should therefore note that although they would try to be accommodated as a group, sometimes due to weight restrictions this is not always possible. In such cases they are requested to follow the instructions of the pilot/ground staff.

Flights may also be cancelled or delayed due to bad weather conditions, government restrictions or technical issues with the chopper. In these cases the company would refund the fare amount.

Adventure sports from the comfort of your bucket seats, thrills and chills all without having to break a sweat. Add in the fact that this gives you a spectacular chance to view great swathes of Goa’s idyllic beach and ocean vistas and this becomes a chance that you simply cannot afford to pass up. Helicopter Joy Rides put the world within your grasp and the sky is the limit. These bird’s eye views are a joy and a privilege that few can boast of having experienced. Now after your Goan vacation, you can join those elite ranks.

Man has always dreamt of flying from the first time he looked up and saw the freedom of a bird in flight. The word ‘helicopter’ is derived from two Greek words, ‘helix’ meaning spiral and ‘pteron’ meaning wing.

Early conceptions of the helicopter reach right back to ancient China, where children played with bamboo flying toys. Leonardo da Vinci was the first to make any recorded advancement to vertical flight. His invention the ‘aerial screw’ was followed by many other unsuccessful designs from the period of 1480 till the early 1900’s. The first operational helicopter was developed and built in 1936, but it was not until 1942 that a helicopter design reached full scale production.   Read more +