Classical Dance Festival

Kala Academy in association with West Zone Cultural Centre, Udaipur will organise the 23rd Classical Dance Festival From March 18th to March 20th at Shri Mahalsa Devasthan, Mardol. The inaugration will be held on March 18th at 7 pm followed by Kathak dance recital in group choreography by Goan performers' guided by Shama Bhate at 7.10 pm and Bharatnatyam dance recital by Nehha Bhatnagar at 8.30 pm. On March 19th, Kuchipudi dance recital by T Reddy Laxshimi will be held at 7pm followed by Mayurbhanj chhau Kathak dance recital (group choreography) by Lok Chhanda Cultural Unit choreographer, Maitrayee Pahari at 8.30 pm. On March 20th, Kathak dance recital by Deepti Gupta will be held at 7 pm and Oddissy dance recital by Geeta Mahalik will be held at 8.30 pm.
Date : 18th to 20th Mar 2017
Location : Shri Mahalsa Devasthan, Mardol
Details : 832-2420457